Misteriously changing Outlook express settings

  [DELETED] 10:44 21 Aug 2003

I have recently upgraded to XP via a clean installation. The problem I have is that my dialup setting keep getting changed when I reboot my computer.

When I enter the setting for the incoming & outgoing mail servers Etc. everything is fine. After a reboot the incoming server setting is now 'localhost' and the account name is now:
'(my account name)/(the correct incoming mail server setting)'.

When I try to 'send & receive' with these setting i now get server errors. I can still browse the net so the dialup numbers are OK but the changed setting don't give me access to my mail account.

Everything previously worked fine together in Win98.

So, does anyone know what problem is or has Microsoft just got a grudge against my ISP!

  [DELETED] 11:01 21 Aug 2003

normally means that your antivirus programme is checking incoming emails for nasties. Norton does this, for example.In Norton, you could disable this feature and " localhost " appeared no more.

  [DELETED] 11:21 21 Aug 2003

I'm running PCillin 2002 so I will look into this tonight. Is there any reason why the changes are happening now with XP when everythng was Ok with Win98?

  xania 13:59 21 Aug 2003

Norton USED to do the same thing, and this did create problems wityh some ISP's. You may need to change either your AV software or your ISP. As to why this has now occurred, this could be because the AV software interface with the new OS has an interface problem. Of course, you'llnever get MS to admit to this, but your AV software helpline may give some assistance, as may your ISP.

  [DELETED] 18:41 21 Aug 2003

I had this problem recently and it turned out to be my firewall interfereing. I was advised to
uninstall the firewall and then reset the settings
and then reinstall the firewall. It`s been ok ever since. Meshuga.

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