Missing Yellow Padlock?

  swanson2 10:53 03 Apr 2006

Windows XP Home SP3 and IE SP2 User


I no longer have a yellow padlock showing in the right hand side of my internet explorer when I use my on line banking.

I am getting the right addresses all starting with https and so presumably the sites are secure but the padlock icon has disappeared!

Any comments or suggestions as how to retrieve this icon would be appreciated.

  mgmcc 11:31 03 Apr 2006

<<< Windows XP Home SP3 and IE SP2 User >>>

As yet, there is no "SP3" for Windows XP, although there is a third-party download purporting to be SP3. It did not originate from Microsoft and should not be installed.

I would be concerned by the lack of the padlock symbol as this can be double clicked to view the Security Certificate of the website concerned.

In Internet Explorer's menus, "Help > About Internet Explorer", check that the Cypher Strength is "128-bit".

  Belatucadrus 11:32 03 Apr 2006

First thing, go to View/Status bar and make sure it's ticked.

  pj123 15:06 03 Apr 2006

Just checked my bank (Lloyds) and the padlock is there all the time. Have noticed on some other secure sites that the padlock is only there while logging in. Once the login is completed the padlock disappears although the address bar still shows https:

I have just tried another site I use fairly regularly for purchases (and they keep a record of my Card number, so I don't have to enter it every time) and I just noticed there is no padlock!!! and no https either. Maybe I shouldn't use them anymore? Although I have never had anything taken from my account that I haven't authorised.

  swanson2 00:15 04 Apr 2006

Thanks Belatucadrus,

Somehow I had managed to untick the View/Status bar.

All is now working OK

  swanson2 00:23 04 Apr 2006

Sorry mgmcc,

It is my copy of Office XP that has SP3 and as you rightly say Windows XP is SP2.

I have now sorted the "missing padlock" problem but thanks for your suggestion.

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