Missing video image in pop up windows

  bilko134a 14:52 26 Mar 2018

I'm running Windows 7 on an HP Pavilion laptop, until two days ago everything was fine, suddenly with no new software additions/updates etc, the video image has disappeared from all pop up windows including those on Facebook, BBC sport etc. The file plays and the audio is clear but no image. You Tube videos play without issue. Any suggestions to solve greatly appreciated

  Aitchbee 16:23 26 Mar 2018

In Google Chrome browser try this:-

right click on icon at extreme left, inside Address bar.

choose 'permissions' then 'site settings'.

make sure 'Show all images' and 'Allow all sites to run Javascript' are on.

click done. refresh or reload web-page.

That's it.

  bilko134a 13:08 27 Mar 2018

Thankyou for the response, unfortunately this hasn't solved the problem.

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