missing USB icons in computer

  surfer47 16:38 29 Mar 2013

When I go to Computer I used to see all the USB icons but these have now vanished and now when I insert a USB nothing happens. What has gone wrong? Regards

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:58 29 Mar 2013

Look in device manager any exclamation marks against the USB drivers?

Usual method is to Uninstall ALL USB drivers and reboot but tis can be problematic if you have a USB keyboard and mouse.

  surfer47 19:27 29 Mar 2013

I had a look and there are no exclamation marks, I have 6, 2 enhanced controllers, 1 composite device, 1 mass storage device, and 8 root hubs. I also have a USB connection on my keyboard and mouse, You seem to think this is a problem, how much?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:07 29 Mar 2013

If you uninstall mouse / keyboard first then you cannot uninstall rest.

So its always difficult to find which hub controls them to uninstall last

  surfer47 22:48 31 Mar 2013

Fruit Bat. Thanks for coming back. Could I have a driver problem. I keep getting pop ups "Your drivers are out of date do you wish to update" I don't know where this comes from so I ignore it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:11 31 Mar 2013


If it ain't broke don't fix it

Normally no-one should ever have to update drivers

Updating drivers is only needed

If you have a hardware problem

or are trying to erk out a last ditch ounce of performance from a machine.

All drivers can be obtained free

Most things trying to tell you to update drivers will point you to a site that wants you to pay for a driver you could get free from the manufacturer's web site.

This sort of scam ware can often be downloaded packaged in with something else you downloaded and installed without, savy downloaders will always select the custom install / untick all the pre ticked boxes in an install package. :0)

Scan for spyware / malware with something like Malwarebytes or Super Antispyware (SAS) again these are free (unless you really want the pro version) the free versions are good enough for home users.

If you have a login set and you uninstall the keyboard you may not beable to enter a password if the keyboard driver is removed (no problem if you have or can borrow a PS2 keyboard)

If you do not have a password / login set for your machine uninstall all the items under USB reboot the machine and windows will reload all the drivers as it logs back in or when you reconnect the device.

  surfer47 12:04 01 Apr 2013

I have other problems with my PC so I think I will have to got for re-format. See new thread

  surfer47 16:07 10 Apr 2013

Thanks for all the advise. In the end I elected for Restore To Factory Settings.

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