Missing updates in add & remove

  Meshuga 20:50 09 May 2007

OS is XP home sp2. During a random check in control panel Add and remove I noticed that all the windows downloaded updates along with the dates they they were downloaded and their update numbers appear to have disappeared. The little box at the top of the page marked Show updates is ticked but they dont show. Any suggestions please?

  birdface 20:54 09 May 2007

Just tried mine ,They are showing.Switch computer of and on again,See if it makes any difference,

  Meshuga 21:01 09 May 2007

Done as suggested buteman but still the same.

  skidzy 21:05 09 May 2007

Run Belarc and scroll to the bottom of the report,do they show ? click here

  birdface 21:09 09 May 2007

The only thing to try is running Microsoft Updates again,If nothing to download,Check your previous downloads,Make sure that they are still on there,Cant think off anything else,I cant remember seing anyone with the same problem.

  Meshuga 21:17 09 May 2007

buteman, since my last post the auto update has installed 4 new updates and they show in add and remove. Will try manually downloading and see what happens.

  Stuartli 21:20 09 May 2007

You could also try BigFix Customer Edition from:

click here

This notifies of any missing updates, HotFixes etc and you can download any missing item(s).

It used to be a standard feature of Evesham computer systems, although I don't know if it is still installed.

Evesham claimed that BigFix dramatically cut calls to its support centre.

  Meshuga 21:23 09 May 2007

Hi skidzy, already have Belarc installed and that shows all the updates back to 2004. There are loads of them. Is there something in Xphome that hides them if they become too many for add and remove. Just guessing.

  skidzy 21:25 09 May 2007

Did you run belarc ? this will show if the updates have been installed and the date.

  skidzy 21:26 09 May 2007

Have you updated your version of Belarc ?
Normally it warns you of a newer version.

Sorry about my last posting,cross posted you.

  Meshuga 21:28 09 May 2007

Thank you Stuartli, will try Bigfix tomorrow but it does appear according to Belarc that they are all installed but have become rather shy.

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