Missing toolbars on my nrw laptop

  brian132 20:37 02 Sep 2003

I have just bought a new laptop with Win XP. In Internet Explorer, there is no title bar and no menu bar ( the one with File - Edit - view - Favourites etc ). The top bar shown is the one with the icons - Back - Forward - stop etc. How can I restore these missing bars when the View menu is not available? I would be glad of some help here. Thank you.

  bvw in bristol 20:43 02 Sep 2003

Try F11

  Stuartli 20:44 02 Sep 2003

#Right click the Toolbar and select Customise - then add what you require.

You can also drag the various items along, including the address line, to suit your requirements and to create drop down menus.

  Stuartli 20:46 02 Sep 2003


You will have to disable Lock the Toolbars after right clicking to be able to drag them along or move the bar(s) up and down.

  brian132 20:14 03 Sep 2003

Thanks ,but how can I right click the Toolbar to do all this when all that is displayed is the one row of icons that I described?
A thought occurred to me today - are the toolbars missing because I have yet to go online?
I would be pleased to hear what you think on both points.
Thank you both .I will also try F11

  brian132 14:01 04 Sep 2003

Problem solved by pressing F11 key. Did not work at first but after a number of presses it worked . Thanks both for your advice.

  Stuartli 21:39 06 Sep 2003

Obviously been out of sight...:-)

The toolbar you were able to see should have been able to accept the right click menu commancd - it works the same on both toolbars.

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