Missing toolbar on IE7 and 8beta

  bruno 18:33 08 Sep 2008

My tool bars have suddenly gone missing on Internet Explorer7. I have tried upgrading to IE8 Beta2 but that is the same ,so I reinstalled IE7.I use XP home completely up to date.I have system restored to when it was ok but that did not fix it.Any suggestions gratefully received.

  mfletch 18:38 08 Sep 2008

Have you tried right clicking on the tab bar to see if your tool bars are listed and ticked

  bruno 18:42 08 Sep 2008

Which is the TAB bar? I should have added that Yahoo toolbar is there,and it was not selected before the fault happened.

  mfletch 18:51 08 Sep 2008

Is the menu bar visible { File/ Edit/ View/ Favorites/ Tools Help} right click on that and see what is listed

  bruno 19:00 08 Sep 2008

No. That is the one which is missing. I have the address bar and the back and forward buttons but that is all.

  mfletch 19:06 08 Sep 2008

Simply press the Alt key for a while and release it, and the menu bar will be displayed on top of the Internet Explorer 7 window.

Unhide and Bring Back the Menu Bar on top of IE7 Window Permanently

Click on Tools then select the Menu Bar (a tick should appear to the left of Menu Bar), and the Menu Bar will be shown until you unclick (or unselect) the Menu Bar from Tools menu again.

  mfletch 19:09 08 Sep 2008

Should be right Click on Tools

  bruno 19:16 08 Sep 2008

I have tried that but nothing happened I'm afraid.

  mfletch 19:20 08 Sep 2008

Found this but it means altering the registry

click here

  bruno 19:58 08 Sep 2008

I tried your last suggestion and altered the registry but that did not work either. But all is not lost. I undid my last restore and the tool bars are all back. Goodness knows what caused it. Don't you just love computers. I hate not knowing the answer.though.
Thanks for your efforts in trying to help, much appreciated.

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