Missing System Restore Screen

  Dobba 11:50 14 Jan 2009

When I wish to access System Restore, I call it up via the programme list but nothing happens i.e., there is no S.R. Wizard with the usual options.
If I try to repeat the request for SR, I get a message telling me that it is already running and my second request will be binned.
Does anyone know what's going on?

  birdface 12:16 14 Jan 2009

Maybe try running it in safe Mode and see if it works any better on there.

  birdface 12:39 14 Jan 2009

From elsewhere.I suppose worth a look.Unfortunately it did not say if it worked or not. If you have backed everything up

Click start, help and support, undo changes to my computer with system restore, click system restore settings, turn off system restore, click apply and reboot

Run disc clean up

1. Click Start, click Run, type %windir%\inf and press enter

2. Locate the Sr.inf file, (listed as Sr), right-click the file, and then click Install.

3. In the Files Needed dialog box, click Browse. Locate the Sr.sy_ file in the i386 folder of the Windows XP CD, click the file, and then click Open.

4. When the installation is completed, restart your computer.

  ened 13:58 14 Jan 2009


I don't know why but my Vista machine takes ages (sometimes)to load up the System Restore screen.

It can take up to ten minutes but always gets there eventually.

I have never got to the root of the problem and since, apart from that, my machine is working like a dream I have not bothered.

Have you given it time? You can also check in Task Manager to see if it has started.

  Sea Urchin 14:03 14 Jan 2009

I would agree with ened - on my Vista set up System Restore takes a few minutes to appear - it always has done.

  Dobba 17:27 14 Jan 2009

Thanks Patience and Sea Urchin. Some considerable time after I posted my message, the System REstore screen suddenly appeared. I have used SR several times before and it has never taken so long - I have usually seen the screen appear almost instantly.
Internet Explorer slowed down considerably yesterday afternoon and I feared I might have a virus, but everything is working o.k. today and Kaspersky tells me that I am virus free. Maybe just a glitch.
Thanks everyone for your input.

  birdface 17:53 14 Jan 2009

Kaspersky tells me that I am virus free.Maybe a scan with Superantispyware or Malwarebytes might help if you are not sure.Do you have any other Anti-Spyware programs on your computer that you could try.

  Dobba 16:59 16 Jan 2009

Thanks Buteman.
I've downloaded Superantispyware (Hadnever heard of it before). This got rid of a few cookies but everything seems OK now.

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