Missing "spell" files for Microsoft Word 2000

  keithpld 10:12 09 May 2010

Having reloaded Office 2000 after a crash, I find the spell check no longer works. I get the message "Cannot find the files MSSpell3.dll or mssp232.dll for English (UK)". I have searched my Office installation CD and have found the location of "MSSpell3.dll". How do I get Word to "find" this file - can I copy and paste it into the Office program files, or do I have to re-install Office? If I have to re-install Office, I assume I have to uninstall it first and then re-install. I assume all my existing Office documents would not be affected.

  michaelw 12:48 09 May 2010

You could try the detect and repair option under help.

You word docs won't be affected.

  keithpld 13:05 09 May 2010

Thanks for that. Have run detect and repair though and the spell check still doesn't work! Any other suggestions please?

  Batch 22:55 09 May 2010

MSSpell3.dll would normally be located at:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof

along with some 14 other related files and 2 further files in:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof\1033

Does your system reflect anything like this?

  keithpld 06:15 10 May 2010

Yes, I have a folder called:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof

It does not contain the subfolder Proof\1033. It does contain 3 application extensions named:


Should I try just copying MSSpell3.dll to the \Proof folder? I have done a search and it is not anywhere else on C: drive.


  kristain 07:42 10 May 2010

Try one of the following option:

1. Check Recycle Bin that you've mistakenly deleted it.
2. System Restore could solve the problem.
3. Run virus scanner

Still problem remains re-install the application. You will not loose any data.

  Batch 08:41 10 May 2010

In C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof I have:-

07/07/2000 04:00 49,152 CHAPI3T1.DLL
15/12/1998 22:33 65,593 CSAPI3T1.DLL
22/11/1999 03:00 45,121 CTAPI3T2.DLL
15/09/2000 23:05 3,993,607 MSGR2EN.LEX
03/11/2000 16:35 3,788,603 MSGR3EN.LEX
26/07/1998 06:14 163,841 MSHY2_EN.LEX
31/07/1998 16:02 61,512 MSHYPH2.DLL
05/11/1998 15:27 536,576 MSLID.DLL
17/03/2007 00:15 462,331 MSSP3EN.LEX
16/03/2007 17:15 498,178 MSSP3ENA.LEX
17/02/2002 16:26 86,016 MSSPELL3.DLL
18/08/1998 02:42 1,350,186 MSTH3AM.LEX
18/08/1998 03:35 1,355,322 MSTH3BR.LEX
09/06/1998 00:07 49,152 MSTHES3.DLL
05/01/1996 01:56 444,027 MSWDS_EN.LEX

And in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof\1033 :-

20/06/1999 10:26 1,486,902 MSGR2EN.DLL
04/10/2004 21:27 3,166,208 MSGR3EN.DLL

You wouldn't necessarily have all of these, depending upon what proofing options you selected when installing Office 2000. For example, some of them are to do with the Thesaurus option.

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