Missing space on C:\ drive.

  xania 21:03 26 Sep 2008

My self built PC has to SATA connections. On the first,I have an aging XP PRO SP2 system and on my second I am developing a nw XP Pro SP3 system. When working on each, the power to the other is disconnected.

When I installed Windows and SP3, and then put Partition Magic onto my F:\ drive, I found that I had used about 4.8 GB of my 7.6 GB C:\ drive. I then installed Norton to my F:\ drive (very little gets ontot the C:\ drive, and my HP printer ro my C:\ drive. I was amazed to realise I only had about 400 Mb of space left on my C:\ drive, but on furyjer investigation - with showing all hidden and system files selected and with Unhide protected and OS files unchecked - that all I had on the C:\ drive was:

Documents & Settings folder - 269 MB
HP Folder 1.06 GMB
Program Files Folder 921 MB
Recycler Folder 7.87 kb
System Volume Inf Folder 0
Windows XP Folder 2.48 Gb
Page File 1.47 GB
Hiberfil 0.98 Gb
Sundry small files 293 Gb

Total - 6.1 Gb

So I seem to have lost about 1Gb of space. As it happens, I can go up to 15Gb but I still wonder where I've lost an entire Gb of space.

Any thoughts.

  Technotiger 21:09 26 Sep 2008

Yes - get a bigger drive, much bigger! XP (SP3) needs approximately 5GB, absolute minimum but I guess would be a right PIA to use!

  DieSse 23:30 26 Sep 2008

Some of it will be slack space. That's the unused space in a storage cluster where a file doesn't fill the cluster.

It's pretty difficult to calculate, and tends to increase with the number of files, rather than the size of files - as each file (or file fragment if the file is non-contiguous) can only have one piece of slack space.

There is always a discrepancy between the total amount of data (sum of all files sizes) and disk space used (sum of all allocated blocks.)

This note by MS also explains how and where disk space may be used by NTFS file systems in other ways. click here

  DieSse 23:38 26 Sep 2008

PS - I agree with TT - that's too small a Windows partition to work with comfortably in the long term.

  xania 01:03 27 Sep 2008

Yes - I haven't used SP3 before so perhaps that is whats wrong. OK, I make that a 12 Gig partition

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