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  Channel 18:20 17 Sep 2003

Recently each time I re-boot, I get the message that there's a problem with a short cut, moved or missing.It's SYSDOC32.EXE, which I believe is part of Norton Utilities.I uninstalled the trial version of this some weeks ago, and it's left me with Crashguard, which works fine, and I'm happy with it.The message appeared sometime after uninstalling.I also have CleanSweep and the Norton AV.When I click on Cancel,the message disappears, but can I stop it appearing, or what should I do about it?

  JIM 19:55 17 Sep 2003

What is your win os?

and something puzzeling when you say (I uninstalled the trial version of this some weeks ago, and it's left me with Crashguard)

Any nortons programs with Crashguard included would be years old,and Crashguard was one of the most unreliable programs of them all.There was a stand alone version of Crashguard but symantec dropped the program very sharply.

Your version of Norton AV if from the same package must also have a very old engine,are you still able to download the virus definitions?

Your SYSDOC32.EXE may still be needed for Crashguard as it was included with the Norton Utilities,if that be the case.You could also delete it from the registry.To be honest i would not atempt that unless you know what your doing.

What i cant grasp is this trial version unless you have reinstalled old software after a format,or installed on to other system. I am Totally puzzeled how you could uninstall part of a trial version and leave Crashguard and thought i knew the software very well.

What is Sysdoc32.exe?

You encounter a message or error which refers to Sysdoc32 or Sysdoc32.exe, but you are not sure which program this is.

All versions of the Norton Utilities for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP come with a program called Norton System Doctor. The file name for Norton System Doctor is Sysdoc32.exe. If you encounter an error which refers to this file, include Norton System Doctor in your search parameters.

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  Channel 18:23 19 Sep 2003

Sorry to have confused things.I have Windows98SE. The Crashguard came on a mag CD- yes,it was 3 years ago!I hadn't realised.I installed it as part of Norton Utilities only recently as I wanted to use the diagnostics, and did so successfully, then uninstalled.But as I said, it left Crashguard behind.I bought the Antivirus in May this year,upgrading from a recent version-not 3 yrs old !Perhaps the only answer is to delete Crashguard, but my experience with it has been favourable.

  JIM 22:33 19 Sep 2003

Thanks for clearing that up and as your using WIN98,go to find files type in SYSDOC32.EXE just incase it is still on your system.(it may not appear)If it appears delete it/send to recycle bin you will at least know if Crashguard requires it if you intend keeping the program.

You may be better doing the following first.

If you type msconfig in the run box click ok the systems configuration window opens,so click the startup tab and and look down the list of ticked boxes you may still find the SYSDOC32.EXE listed.If you see it just untick the box click ok then reboot and the message at startup should be no more.(i hope)You could reverse this action if Crashguard requires it, if that is the case.

(Simpler instructions for the above :)

Start/Run "msconfig" type this in without the quotes and click on the startup tab
look for the SYSDOC32.EXE and uncheck.)

If you do uninstall Crashguard and the message appears at startup,

type in the run box regedit press ok,the registry window will open,then click on the edit tab then the find tab,type in Crashguard click find next and if on your system it should appear.Right mouse button click and delete.

As your running a new version of Nortons antivirus
and Symantec programs are all over the place in the registry make sure you only delete
SYSDOC32.EXE after the search or you may cause problems.(i am 99% sure SYSDOC32.EXE is only required for Norton System Doctor which you have uninstalled,but i am being cautious )

Backing up your registry before hand when in regedit would be the norm before any alterations)

To back up your registry go to Start / Run and type in regedit to open the
registry editor, then go to registry in the menu and choose export registry
and save it with a unique name.Saying that you can always use scanreg/restore from dos at bootup to recover.

See how you get on.

  Channel 19:41 21 Sep 2003

I couldn't believe it when I found that SYSDOC32.EXE was checked in MSconfig- I'd gone through all the start-up items only a week or two ago, and it wasn't checked then.Some program must have altered the settings.Anyway, all is OK again, and I'll have to check regularly. Thanks for your help.

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