missing right hand side of print

  end 18:45 04 Oct 2004

Windows 98 se; HP deskjet 840C; trying to print a page from my professional web site for my research ; but even when I ask it to "scale to fit" to even 97% the right hand side of print is chopped off.
and relooking at my printed pages, I have rather a "generous" gap on the left hand side; any ideas how or what I might be able to try to get a complete page pinted with all the characters on it readable...please

the printer is programed to A4 size paper.

am trying not to lose my temper with it but, struggling:(

  VoG II 18:48 04 Oct 2004

File/Page Setup and make the left and right hand margins smaller.

  end 18:56 04 Oct 2004


to coin a phrase...am lost for words:)

  SANTOS7 18:59 04 Oct 2004

print in landscape instead of portrait in page setup

  end 19:07 04 Oct 2004

NOT a good idea:(

that turned the page on its side:)
still missing letters on the right hand side...

just how far can I dare to shrink the left hand margin ; will the page on the computer shrink to fit the printing size to give me all my characters?
am missing vital letters on the right hand side::))

  end 19:10 04 Oct 2004

( is blueyonder "working"?)

  VoG II 19:13 04 Oct 2004

Can you post a link to the web page you are trying to print or is it a restricted site?

If it is purely text that you are trying to print, click on the page and press CTRL+A thyen CTRL+C. Open Word and Edit, PasteSpecial, select Unformatted Text and click OK. You should then be able to print from Word.

  end 19:24 04 Oct 2004

..."should " being the operative word...

am awaiting the printer ....

  end 19:29 04 Oct 2004

and page and "area" is restricted , requiring my sepecific log-in codes, sorry:(

and it will not even print THIS forum page without missing off the right hand side either, as have now printed off those instructions , with some characters missing ::)))

  Agent Smith 19:45 04 Oct 2004

Try setting your paper to B4 but print on A4 this should reduce the size and fit onto page. This problem occurred with ebay some time ago when the web page setup was awry.

  Djohn 19:52 04 Oct 2004

Its to do with the way pixels are measured to fit the screen and they don't match up with the way a printer sees it as dots per inch.

If your printer will not allow edge to edge printing or landscape is not acceptable then the only thing to do is highlight the text you want to print then select File/Print/selection from the menu, or copy paste into word then scale from there and print. j.

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