Missing Registration Number

  jack 09:25 25 Sep 2004

Now this I may be taken as a follow on to € Stowe’s ‘Every one please read this #2’
‘Go’ with which I agree with everything mentioned.

This time it is registration numbers that are mailed to purchasers of software
To ‘unlock’ the trial version they have purchased on line.

I am sure many of you have done some of that, if like me it has worked every time so far.
But there is always a first time for something to go awry and now it has happened to me.
Inksaver has appeared on a PCA cover disk in the past and I have used it and purchased an earlier version.
I had a change of printer, which the earlier one did not cover.
Version 2 does, so I go on line to get V2.
Trial works fine
Purchase on line, the money goes out. I get on with all the other things in life and realize one day that the trial version has run out and I need to enter the reg. number to unlock the system.
No sign of the authorizing e-mail
Did I get it and inadvertently delete it with other junk?
Here the fun begins because all that is needed here is a simple e-mail to somebody with my detail to check and reissue the number
But no E-mail address is given, only web based support lines or sales line that need the numbers I don’t have.
Now what do I do
A Google turns up only the afore mentioned web pages no company detail and E- address- a snail mail address in Vancouver is as near as I can get.

  Philwane 09:34 25 Sep 2004

Have just looked on their site and there is a general enquiries E Mail address its [email protected]
if thats any help

  jack 10:41 25 Sep 2004

Thank you for that link phil
I missed it on th website
E-mail sent.

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