missing ram

  neil666 20:25 24 Jun 2007

I have a core 2 duo E6700 with Asus
P5W DH Deluxe motherboard and 4gb of corsair 6400 . The problem I have is when booting up or in the boot menu my system shows the 4 gig memory. When it is up and running it only shows 3gig. I am running Vista premium with a xt1900 graphics card. Do you think one of the memory units is faulty.

  SANTOS7 20:33 24 Jun 2007

click here

It may confirm your suspicions but it won't tell you which module...

  amy. 20:33 24 Jun 2007


" Do you think one of the memory units is faulty. "

No it's not. Vista32bit can only see a maximum of 4Gb on a computer system. This includes the memory on your graphics card. So it will deduct from your memory modules.

  moorie- 20:34 24 Jun 2007
  neil666 20:52 24 Jun 2007

I am running 32 bit at the moment although I do have a 64 bit version of vista. Will there be no benifit in using 4 gig instead of 3????????????

  Terry Brown 20:53 24 Jun 2007

Thee is a program called memtest which can be used for testing up to XP, but if it will run on Vista I do not know

There are 2 versions memtest31a.zip, which runs from a floppy drive and Memtest86-3.2.iso , which you burn to a CD. Both require a re-boot and system start from that device.
If you cannot find then, email me (yellow box) and will pass them on).

  Totally-braindead 20:53 24 Jun 2007

Thats a bit of a bummer isn't it considering Vista is so memory hungry? Mind you 4 gig is a hell of a lot.
From the article listed does that mean the memory is not seen by Vista and not used at all or does the actual motherboard retain some control?
Just curious if anyone knows.

  Terry Brown 21:03 24 Jun 2007


I would assume that on the 64 bit version memory limitation would be a lot higher.
It is strange though-- Backup on XP with FAT32 disk format is also limited to 4GB, but NTFS format is (as far as I know )unlimited.

  neil666 21:13 24 Jun 2007

The motherboard takes 8 gig. I checked in the System and it lists memory as 3071 which suggests it it no counting memory on the graphics card.

  skidzy 21:23 24 Jun 2007

Something to try to make a 32 bit system see 4GB of ram.No promises though,as it seems to work for some but not others.

1) Access cmd:
Click Start > type cmd in the Search Bar > and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter (this allows you to run cmd in administrative mode)
2) Type BCDEdit /set PAE forceenable

To reverse this if no joy

As above but type
BCDEdit /deletevalue PAE

  Totally-braindead 21:36 24 Jun 2007

neil666 if you read the article someone kindly gave you a link to it makes it clear that because of the graphics memory that it will not read some of the RAM at all. So you are left with 3 gig of the 4 gig installed, it does not use the graphics card memory as RAM therefore it does not show in the system memory but it just reads it as memory for some weird reason therefore not letting it see the 4 gig of RAM you have installed.
Thats clear as mud, appologies for that, I know what I mean just not good at explaining it, read the article.

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