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  [DELETED] 14:44 06 Jun 2006

I copied Paint Shop Pro 9 from my HD to a DVD,not the setup but all the program in the directory. I have recently done a complete recovery from my Toshiba recovery disc and installed all my programs and then copied the PSP DVD to HD. When I click on the application icon in the program files directory I get a message "Python libraries are missing or corrupt" I have twice copied the Python libraries to HD and each time get the same message.. If I put the DVD in the drive and click on the icon in the HD program files ( not the icon in the DVD directory) the application runs OK. I can then remove the DVD. as soon as the app begins to start and use PSP normally. The reason I had to copy the contents of PSP from the HD is because my genuine and paid for PSP setup disc was scratched and would not run.
Can anyone explain what might solve this inconvenience.
Ruskle. Maybe I should say folder instead of directory, just showing my age.

  Simsy 16:08 06 Jun 2006

it's a registry issue...

when you try to start without the DVD in something in the registry is telling the prog to look in Drive "X", (where "X" is your DVD drive letter)

When the DVD is in the drive it finds the files, when is isn't in it doesn't.

You MIGHT be able to get round this by searching in the registry for the relevant entry and changing it to show the correct path, (which is now somewher on you HDD)

If you do attempt this back up your registry first!!

Don't attempt it if you don't know what you're doing !

(This problem has occurred because you didn't actually re-install the programme. Generally the method you've used is not one that is recommended, or usually works at all!)

Good luck,



  [DELETED] 16:54 06 Jun 2006

OK mate, no fear of editing registy and there were 2 locations which needed changing from E/ to C/Program Files/Paintshop Pro/****
It's running fine now, I needed to open a couple of photo's and convert to Jpeg for emailing to a client, and the picture files were on a CD and I only have one drive in the laptop.
Thanks again,

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