missing programmes

  garabaldi 07:40 11 Apr 2007

hi..can anyone help just reformatted my pc ..now outlook express is missing and so is system restore ime running windows pro ...thanx

  Technotiger 07:48 11 Apr 2007

Hi, if you mean that you have re-formatted your hard drive, it is not surprising that programs are missing. Reformatting wipes everything off the hard drive.

And if this is what you have done, you will need to completely re-install your XP Pro - I hope you have your original disc! You will also need to re-install any other programs you had on there.

  Miros 07:48 11 Apr 2007

Have you done a search for them?

  jack 08:08 11 Apr 2007

As with Technotiger
I wonder if you really mean 'REFORMAT'
Outlook Express will not be the only program that is missing.- and you are writing here - on the same machine?

What did you really do?
Tell us more.

  Technotiger 08:40 11 Apr 2007

Another thought - if you did not actually re-format your drive - if you have your original XP CD, insert it and when it opens try a Repair from the CD.

  garabaldi 16:59 11 Apr 2007

no what i done was reinstalled windows but i think i had a option to reformat the drive as well ..but some programmes are missing, i have then tried to fix xp like you said and a message comes up something like which intallation do you want to fix it needs a intallation number...help

  Technotiger 17:36 11 Apr 2007

Exactly what options does it show when it asks which installation do you want to fix? Anyway, the installation number is I guess, your XP key - usually a 25 digit series of numbers and letters.

  VoG II 17:39 11 Apr 2007

If it is asking for an installation number it sounds like you have installed a second copy of Windows.

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