Missing Playback Devince (not common)

  Frxshh 16:14 18 Dec 2014


i've been having an annoying problem for a few days now. The problem is that my hitachi stereo doesn't work like it used to do. Usually i plug ply stereo in to my laptop using an aux cable, and it should automaticly work. But now i hear the cruchy noises (so i know its still working) but my sound still comes trough my laptop speakers, and my stereo doesn't show up in my playback devices. I looked trough the disabled devices and it's not in there either. I think this is a really strange problem because my stereo does work with my android phone (connected with the aux cable).

Is there a way to get my stereo working again on my laptop?


  Frxshh 18:45 18 Dec 2014


When i skype call someone while the stereo is plugged in, the sound comes through the stereo speakers. So i know they are working perfectly, i just can't use it to listen to music on my laptop trough those speakers.

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