Missing pictures

  [DELETED] 14:37 06 Oct 2003

When I receive e.mails from catalogue companies, there should be pictures of the items for sale.
However more often than not all I get is a white box that has a small box in the top left corner, with a red cross in it. I used to get the pictures at one time but very rarely now. Can anyone help please.

  rawprawn 14:49 06 Oct 2003

I had the same problem, I know that I changed something using a program such as Tweal UI so that it wouldn't load pictures & therefore supposedly loaded web pages faster. When I came to change back I couldn't remember how I had done it and it wasn't until I crashed my computer & had to reload windows that I got it back to normal. I asked the same question in this forum but did not get the answer, I wish you luck.

  Stuartli 14:52 06 Oct 2003

At the top of any Internet Explorer page click Tools>InternetOptions>Advanced and scroll down to Multiamedia.

Enable Show Pictures, plus anything else you may require. Certain changes require a reboot.

  rawprawn 15:31 06 Oct 2003

Thanks for that Stuarti, it has been bugging me for about 2 years

  Taff36 15:45 06 Oct 2003

Don`t ask me why this appears to work. Have you tried viewing the e-mail whilst connected to the internet? Do they seem to miraculously appear?

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