Missing Padlock on system tray

  Manie 19:31 11 Mar 2008

I no longer see a locked padlock in the system tray when
visiting a secure site, although I do get notification
when going to and from secure sites. Is this a security
problem or is there a configuration setting somewhere I'm

  anskyber 19:32 11 Mar 2008

Which browser are you using?

  rossgolf 19:33 11 Mar 2008

try in the url bar. there should be one there

  skidzy 19:34 11 Mar 2008

If using IE7,look at the end of your address bar,it should show the padlock such as click here

  tullie 19:46 11 Mar 2008

The address should also start with https

  Manie 20:28 29 Mar 2008

I have not resolved the Problem yet.
The padlock is still missing.
Am using IE6

  birdface 10:17 30 Mar 2008

You should get the padlock with this site.click here IE6 usually on the bottom.Can't remember if on the Taskbar or Status Bar.If status bar .Try View and make sure Status Bar is ticked.

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