Missing Operating System

  OlduserII 11:41 03 May 2004

Recently my aged Sony laptop decided not to work and on trying to boot produces the error message 'Missing Operating System'. All my recovery floppies accumulated over the years require access to the hard disc but this I dont have any more. Drive C is treated as a non-existant drive. But I think Format will access it but dont want to have to re-format the disc if
My basic problem is how to bridge the gap between what I can do with the A drive and getting into other drives (HD & CD-ROM) and this problem may still exist if I manage to reformat??
On my Sony the floppy drive and the CD-ROM are exchangeable units.
Thank you anybody in advance

  beeuuem 14:05 03 May 2004


  ThePharcyde007 14:34 03 May 2004

Bump!!! If you cant help, why type bump!!! Dude I would try installing a bootable Windows disc and try and repair the installation. If not if you only need access to files i.e excel/word outlook email data, just install windows over the top of current one, and then save your files you need onto a cd/floppy and then reformat and reinstall

Hope this helps

  RevHed 14:37 03 May 2004

You do not state what OS you are using but you could try FDISC which is a DOS command. One of the recovery floppys you have should have the FDISC utilities on it. You need to be at the a: prompt and just type in fdisc and then enter. If it is working the first thing that should come up is a question about large disc support, answer yes then you should have a few options. Type 4 then enter, we are having a look at disc partion info. partion No 1 should be Primary, labelled "C" and marked "A" for active. This is just one thing that may have gone wrong.

  Tree3 14:42 03 May 2004

its not FDISC its FDISK

  RevHed 14:46 03 May 2004

Sorry ! you are right, I'm a bit tired.

  Microdot 15:55 03 May 2004

I recently had similar problems repairing a Sony Vario type laptop.This one only had an external CD Rom, the floppy was missing!
The Sony Website provided suitable "DOS" drivers for the CD Rom so then I was able to use a "Bootable" CD installation disk and start things off.
Only snag is one needs a second PC. to download drivers etc.!!!

Hope this is of some use.

Cheers de Art.

  OlduserII 16:25 03 May 2004

Thank you all for your help will try out the various suggestions tonight. Just installing Win98 over the top of the existing vn will be difficult as it recognises no other disc but A at the moment.

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