Missing online icon

  Hamish I 17:03 16 Apr 2006

The taskbar icon showing one is online and which enables disconnecting has disappeared on my PC since yesterday. For example I am online now but will have to shut down in order to disconnect. Any ideas, please?

  VoG II 17:05 16 Apr 2006

Start, Control Panel, Network Connections. Right click the connectionh, properties, tick 'Show icon in notification area when connected'.

  pokemom 17:07 16 Apr 2006

tick box , or choice only show when connected

  johnnyrocker 17:18 16 Apr 2006

or just right click it and disable it to disconnect.


  Hamish I 17:36 16 Apr 2006

In answer to VoG™, when I right-clicked on Network Connections all I got was the options explore/open/create shortcut and I couldn't progress further. I didn't understand pokemom's and johnnyrocker's suggestions, I'm afraid. Sorry to be so slow on the uptake

  VoG II 17:49 16 Apr 2006

Network Connections should have a > follow that then right click on the actual connection - it will be called Local Area Connection or similar.

  johnnyrocker 17:56 16 Apr 2006

double left click network connections and enter.


  Hamish I 18:33 16 Apr 2006

Still no joy, sorry. I see no >, nor a connection on which to right click. Double left clicking on network connections reveals nothing.

  VoG II 18:34 16 Apr 2006

Which version of Windows?

  Hamish I 18:47 16 Apr 2006

It's XP Home

  VoG II 18:57 16 Apr 2006

You should see something like click here

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