Missing ObjectModel.dll - InDesign (CS2). Help?

  GloriaM 01:42 01 Mar 2010

When tried to open my InDesign (CS2) it didn’t start and the following message appeared:

‘Failed to start because ObjectModel.dll was not found. Reinstalling may fix the problem’

I had the same problem a while ago and reinstalled from the original disk.

However, now when the same problem occurs again I want to learn more about how the program and its files are interconnected and how to fix it without reinstalling the whole InDesign.

I did search and found that ObjectModel.dll is not missing. There are two ObjectModel.dll files present, one in the InDesign folder and the other in nDesign Plugins folder.

I think that maybe some glitch happens with the proper location of the ObjectModel.dll but it is just aguess, I’m not well versed in complex working of the software.

My PC runs on Windows XP Pro - service pack 3, and I have full Administrator access.

Can someone help me to fix this ObjectModel.dll and start InDesign, please?

  ame 12:16 01 Mar 2010

Perhaps you could try System Restore first - going back to when it worked properly.

  GloriaM 02:13 05 Mar 2010

How to do System Restore operation step-by-step?

Thanks in advance!

  birdface 07:32 05 Mar 2010

All programs.Accessories.System tools.System restore.
Just pick a date when the computer was working Ok.
It all depends how far back you go as you will loose any things that you have saved on in between dates.
You can always reverse it if it does not work properly.

  ame 10:40 05 Mar 2010

As buteman says, you can try going back with your system settings a few times to different dates, and you will only lose software updates, new programs you've installed etc, not data files. If it doesn't work you can restore back to where you started, so no harm will be done. [Please note that you can sometimes have problems with System Restore not working properly - I have Norton Internet Security 2010 installed and System Restore will only run in Windows Safe Mode. If you need to run in safe mode, keep pressing F8 key as pc starts up. You will then get a choice to run in safe mode or restore the system - choose No to start system restore.]

  GloriaM 03:23 06 Mar 2010

Well I've tried your tips and re-statred but no good - still the same message!

Decided after all to use the original disk and reinstall.
Here the big trouble occured because original disk didn't start - error message,
unreadable disk, etc!!! (I must say it wasn't kept in best conditions... and have not a copy of it)
Tried with external drive - same story...

Now it seems, I am stuck with expensive faulty software and have to buy it again because of the disk problem - pretty unafordable...

Well, is there any way to tweak and move some files around and somehow make this InDesign work again?

  ame 13:57 06 Mar 2010

Perhaps you could take the original disk to Game or Gamestation to ask if theu can get it cleaned up, dpending on how bad it is. It's normally about £3. If it isn't too deeply scratched, you can use T-Cut car paintwork restorer to polish it up, rubbing in RADIAL direction, not round and round. There are 2 versions of T-Cut - one for normal paint and one for metallic paint - the latter has a finer abrasive effect. This is of course entirely at your own risk, and you may need to do it several times to get a result, but it has worked for me on an Xbox 360 game, and that was after getting it cleaned up in the shop.

  birdface 15:37 06 Mar 2010

Try System restore in safe mode.[Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts and open in safe mode.]

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