Missing MY Documents

  Meshuga 15:02 12 Jul 2004

I had found that the My Docs folder had a number of copies of various files so I drgged and dropped the original to a new folder while I deleted the large number of copies. The New Folder has disappeared and the original My Docs folder is blank. I have made the mistake of forgetting to backup the original. Is there any way I can recover the missing items. I know I deserve all you are going to say about not backing up. My OS is Win XP home. I`ve tried system restore to no effect. Meshuga.

  TommyRed 15:18 12 Jul 2004

I assume you've done a search for the new folder or maybe one of the documents that where in it. Maybe the folder is hidden, can you 'show all hidden folders' sorry but I forget how to do it. Some bright spark may be along shortly to help. TR

  Meshuga 15:25 12 Jul 2004

Yes,TommyRed. Have just done a search for hidden files. Nothing found.

  GroupFC 15:32 12 Jul 2004

Search > all files & Folders > More advanced options > tick in "search hidden files and folders".

Meshuga, if this doesn't find it you may be able to use one of the file recovery programs such as click here or click here

  Djohn 15:37 12 Jul 2004

The new folder that you made to drag/drop the copies. Did you give it any type of name, or just leave it as "New Folder"?

  Meshuga 15:48 12 Jul 2004

Tommy Red,have just downloaded one of your file recovery progs and it could not find anything.
Djohn,had not got around to naming it. Left as New Folder. Meshuga.

  Djohn 16:08 12 Jul 2004

Ok Meshuga. Have you done a search for "New Folder". It just might find it with a bit of luck.

  Meshuga 16:22 12 Jul 2004

yes Djohn, have done that and also searched for a file that I remembered, namely Netgear but that could not be found either. Fortunately the loss will be more of a nuisance than a catastrophy as I have a lot written to a diary and original receipts from companies I dealt with but I would like to recover all if possible because there`s bound to be one thing I haven`t recorded elsewhere. Everything gets backed up in future. Case of locking the stable door. Will let this run for a while in case someone has a brainwave.Thanks for your and TommyReds efforts so far. Meshuga.

  Djohn 16:42 12 Jul 2004

Your welcome Meshuga. The important thing to remember is the files are still there and the less you use your PC so that they don't get overwritten, the better the chance of recovery.

click here and see if anything from this thread will help.

Good luck Meshuga, hope you can retrieve them. j.

  Meshuga 17:43 12 Jul 2004

Thanks Djohn. Have tried other file retrieval Progs and got nowhere.As most files had not been looked at in years I dont suppose I`l miss them much. I`ll just have to make sure it doesn`t happen again. Regards, Meshugam

  Meshuga 17:53 12 Jul 2004

Have tried to locate Programme Files folder but cannot locate that, where would I look for that Djohn please. Meshuga.

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