Missing motherboard components

  ZG64 19:24 10 Nov 2011

Recently I've been attempting to upgrade my Emachines e4028, but I've found some huge problems. The motherboard is an intel D915GAG, but due to emachines meddling, parts are missing. They have removed 2 of the RAM slots and the PCI Express X16 graphics slot, both of which I need. Should I buy a new motherboard or can I buy the missing parts? Also, is the pc's max RAM still 4GB even though 2 RAM slots are missing? Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:40 10 Nov 2011

Should I buy a new motherboard or can I buy the missing parts?

it will be a customer spec board you will not be able to fit the missing parts

If you have to get a new board to upgrade then may as well get a motherboard bundle from somewhere like Novatech http://www.novatech.co.uk/motherboardbundles/

  gengiscant 19:42 10 Nov 2011

I very much doubt if they have removed the 'parts' you speak of, it is more likely you have another motherboard. Can you explain a bit more about what happened? You mentioned upgrading, why would Emachines have your mobo? What were you upgrading? A lot more info please.

  ZG64 19:49 10 Nov 2011

This is an intel motherboard that emachines has altered and sold in many of their computers, specifically their gateway models. It no longer has several parts and I'm attempting to upgrade it, not them. Emachines have often sold their altered motherboards to cut corners and save money manufacturing, I'm wondering if I can buy these parts and insert them or if I should just get a new board.

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