missing model number need it

  WICCADLIQUID 15:13 05 Feb 2013

i gotta customers tablet with video problems and i cannot locate the model number because the sticker is missing... is there somewhere i can find the number inside the tablet? the video doesnt work so cant get into the os...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:32 05 Feb 2013

Screen problem? can you connect to an external monitor?

  Terry Brown 16:33 05 Feb 2013

First plug in an external Monitor and try that to see if you get a picture.

Depending on the laptop, look for a F Key with a small screen on it, use that and either shift,Ctrl or Alt to switch to an external screen, these are usually toggle switches so do it again and you revert to the in-built screen.

If that works download SIW.EXE which is stands for System Information Windows (Diagnostic tool) and look under Software, or BELARC will give similar results but a easier to understand layout,with less info.

They should both run from a USB stick


  woodchip 16:45 05 Feb 2013

he did say Tablet pc

  Woolwell 17:28 05 Feb 2013

Make of tablet?

  WICCADLIQUID 18:48 05 Feb 2013

it wont connect to a external so im guessing maybe a vid card problem and the sticker with all the info on the model is totally gone so im stuck guessing which model it is...

  WICCADLIQUID 18:49 05 Feb 2013

well i have tried external monitor so im guessing vid card problem but the model sticker is totally gone so im not sure where i can look for it as it wont sho the video...

  WICCADLIQUID 18:50 05 Feb 2013

btw she did say tablet... its a acer windows xp tablet...

  Ian in Northampton 19:04 05 Feb 2013

So - an Iconia?

  WICCADLIQUID 19:08 05 Feb 2013

how can i check? is there a place insade the case that might have the number??

  Woolwell 20:27 05 Feb 2013

It could be a C100, or a number of others, which although described as a tablet is more like a netbook.

I'm surprised that the serial number, etc is missing from the bottom of the case.

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