Missing keystrokes

  John AnthonyTaylor 14:27 12 Jul 2014

I use Windows 7 / IE and have a problem keying ino 'Search Boxes' using my Logik Keyboard/Wirless Logitech mouse viz:

What ever search box such as Google, Ebay, Amazon, I use, over half of my key-strokes do not register so 'LONDON OLYMPICS' would appear as 'LNNLMPIC' etc.

I have then switched to the Google Chrome browser and the problem disappears! Also no problems when word processing.

Please advise what the problem could be?.

  John AnthonyTaylor 14:30 12 Jul 2014

This question may be duplicated due to problems with registration /account activation etc ..sorry.

  BRYNIT 14:57 12 Jul 2014

Have you checked the batteries?

If the USB receiver is in a USB3 port change it to a USB2 port.

If the USB receiver is connected at the back of the computer and is near the floor us a USB extension cable to bring it closer to the keyboard/mouse.

  Pepper9 15:09 12 Jul 2014

Could be that an app is stealing the focus in Windows - Google "stealing focus in Windows 7". I had same problem - found that Nero was stealing the focus and it stopped stealing after updating Nero.

  John AnthonyTaylor 17:19 12 Jul 2014

Hi BRYNIT, thanks for response. Which batteries are you referring to?...wifi mouse-batteries OK. I have swapped keyboard lead from Desktop PC's rear to front USB.

Hi Pepper9, thanks for your response. I have never use pre-installed NERO so have UNINSTALLED it.

None of the above actions have cured the problem. Could any actions with IE 'Tools' solve the problem?, default setting etc OR do I need a new keyboard to replace my LOGIK Ultra Slim, Model LKBWSL 11

  Pepper9 09:35 13 Jul 2014

Check to see if any program is using a lot of CPU - it could be another program that is stealing the focus from Windows. If you Google in "stealing focus in Windows 7" there are quite a few people with this same problem - could be an answer for your there?

  alanrwood 11:20 13 Jul 2014

If your keyboard work perfectly in other programs it is fine so yopu can ignore that as a possibility.

Is it always the same keys that are missed.

To start with I would go into advanced settings and click on the reset to default

Have you set any special auto correct options or tried to remap the keyboard (Don't know personally if it can be done just for Chrome.

  John AnthonyTaylor 12:29 13 Jul 2014

Thanks AlanR, no, not the same keys, can be any.

Re: 'Reset to default' do you mean goto 'Tools, internet Options, Advanced, Reset IE's settings?' If so what effect will this have on my 'saved passwords' of which I have dozens?.

  John AnthonyTaylor 12:33 13 Jul 2014

Thanks Pepper9,

How do I check to see if any program is using a lot of CPU?. Please guide me on access to the program/keystrokes etc

  bumpkin 12:57 13 Jul 2014
  • How do I check to see if any program is using a lot of CPU?. **

Right click task bar then start Task Manager and look in processes and also performance, that should show you if anything is hogging the CPU.

  John AnthonyTaylor 14:26 13 Jul 2014

Thanks bumpkin, Task Mg status as follows:

Applications open are Windows Live Messenger and 5 tabbed web pages in IE

PROCESSES: 79, CPU Usage counting between 16% and 70% PHYSICAL memory 67%

Most activity by 5 x iexplore.exe *32s with CPU readings flicking between 01 and 26


Does this info tell you anything Pepper9 and bumpkin?

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