Missing HDD + W7 64 BIT not showing full 4gb RAM

  andrewmpalmer 20:36 06 May 2010


Sorry about this , 2 slight problems, you may be able to help me fix,

I have 2 hard drives - c drive 160gn, and an additional internal 1 x 500gb.

I took the 1 x 160 main c drive out and replaced with another 500 gb, installed x64 bit win 7 on the main 500gb, FROM a 32 bit version - hope your still with me !

I can see a slight difference in performamnce, but it still shows only 3.5gb of RAM used out of the 4.0Gb RAM I have installed, I thought with 64 bit installed it should show the whole 4gb working.

The 2nd issue is, i can only see 1 x 500 gb under my computer, which the win 7 x 86 (64 bit) is installed, but under HDD Diagnostics test, shows 2 x 500 gb drives both working correctly, how comes I can only see the c:// 500 gb drive.

Ps i do not hope it has isnatlled windows over the old 500 gb and it's not showing the new 500 gb !!!!, as i've only partially back up the data on the additional drive !,

corr, i've lost the plot writing this, I do hope your understand.



  MAT ALAN 20:55 06 May 2010

installed x64 bit win 7 on the main 500gb, FROM a 32 bit version - hope your still with me !


i believe at this time you DO NOT have a 64 bit O/S on your PC X86 is not 64 bit...

  bremner 21:01 06 May 2010

I guess you have 512MB of onboard graphics which must be deducted from your total installed RAM. hence why you have 3.5GB shown.

  northumbria61 22:18 06 May 2010

I agree with MAT ALAN - I think you have installed a 32 bit version of Windows 7 - you can't install 64 bit from a 32 bit version. If you installed from a Genuine Windows 7 CD you would have 2 versions on that CD to choose from - is it possible you have done it this way and installed the wrong version ?

  northumbria61 05:51 07 May 2010

I correct what I say above - I purchased the Retail Box version of Win 7 Pro which contains 2 discs - one is 32 bit and the other 64 bit. (I have 64 bit installed)

If you have installed 64 bit FROM a 32 bit version I think we would all like to hear how you managed to do that.

If you right click COMPUTER then PROPERTIES you will see what version you have installed.

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