missing hdd after fdisk

  Titty 12:19 17 Jan 2004

I know that my hard drive is 10gb, but fdisk will only allow me to use 2gb. I have said yes to fat 32 but it will not allow me access to the Gb's.

Think bios is in a mess but I'm reluctant to flash it as I donot have the original settings and the PC is not mine.

I know who makes the motherboard, it is a M571.

I can install Win 98SE, but cannot access my modem or sound card.

Any ideas on how I can access the other 8Gb please.


  Diodorus Siculus 14:43 17 Jan 2004

The answer may well be in the BIOS - some will not accept more than 2GB. Do you know the BIOS version? there may be an update available for you.

  Titty 14:54 17 Jan 2004

All I know is it is an amibios setup, I have the full serial no, but a bit scared to update as I never dne it before.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:55 17 Jan 2004



I know the motherboard serial number, but not sure of the bios version. The only other info i have i that it is an Amibios. Is this of any use to you.Thanks for replying, I know this computer should work but not sure what I'm doing wrong.


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When the PC boots up, you should get the BIOS version - have a look at it. If the BIOS is old, then it may not recognise certain hdds.

  Titty 15:13 17 Jan 2004

The info on the screen says Bios version 1.04a 08/12/97. Shared memory bios with support vesa and bios ext version. Hope this helps.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:07 17 Jan 2004

Sounds like you need a BIOS flash. Not to be undertake lightly as it can finish off the mobo.

click here details of the process.

  DieSse 17:05 17 Jan 2004

Go into your BIOS settings, and look for a setting "LBA support" or similar. If it's not enabled, enable it. Then try again.

  Titty 09:09 19 Jan 2004

Thanks for your responses, checked settings and it says LBA on, so I am assuming that it is enabled. Will try to flash bios as I have had permission from owner, wish me luck.

Once again thanks .

  Titty 09:21 19 Jan 2004

I have had a look for a download to flash my bios but there so many. How do you know you have the right one, as I know getting the wrong one can kill off your machine.


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