Missing hard drive space.

  MathieuRobitaille 23:53 15 Dec 2014


a month ago i noticed my C: partition, the one with windows 7 installed was missing around 50 gb of space. Just now, it's about 111 gb.

My C: partition is 399 Gb total. When i select all files manually on C: and look for total space, it show a total 197 gb use.

But when i look the propriety of my c: drive, i have 91 gb available on that 399 gb.

So yeah... 111 gb. No idea whats happening.

I try to check for error... defrag. Nothing. Cleaning the disk. CCleaner also. Nothing.

Anyone know how i can fix this ?

Thank you and sorry for bad English.

  [DELETED] 00:15 16 Dec 2014

Use ccleaner to delete old restore points.

Also, can you see hidden files and folders?

click here

  MathieuRobitaille 01:06 16 Dec 2014

Ok after removing "thank to robintheumpteenth" all restore point using ccleaner and putting "hidden files" on. I have 199 gb instead of 197 gb used space on my 399 gb hard drive.

Free space went from 91 gb to 165 gb :-) Good step in the right direction. Should be around 200 gb right ?

So now i am missing 35 gb. Still. Any tough ?

  [DELETED] 01:31 16 Dec 2014

Windows will still misreport folders with special permissions.

I wouldn't worry too much. You can spend hours chasing a few GBs here and there.

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