Missing Hard Drive

  [DELETED] 22:01 07 Nov 2003

I have installed a new 160 gb hard drive as a second hard drive but cannot access it.On device manager it shows that it is installed and has no problems. But i cannot find it in my computer .I am running Win Xp and my motherboard does support this size hard drive. Can anyone help please? Mike

  Legolas 22:16 07 Nov 2003

Have you set the partitions and formatted it? Is it being recognized at boot up and in the BIOS?

  [DELETED] 22:21 07 Nov 2003

Is it been set by the jumper pins, as a 'slave' on the same IDE channel, or is it on its own channel as a 'master'? Has it been set to use LBA in the Bios?

  powerless 22:24 07 Nov 2003

Start, run, type:


Your new disk will "Disk 1" and if you right click and choose "Initialize". Now right click the big black like to the right and choose "New partition.

The reason it is not in my computer is beacasue 1) it is not partitoned and formatted and 2) The drive has not been Initialized.

With a new HDD you must Initialize and then create a new partiton then it will seen in my computer.

  [DELETED] 22:24 07 Nov 2003

it is recognized on the bios boot screen.How can i format/partition if i cant access the drive cheers mike

  [DELETED] 22:30 07 Nov 2003

thanks alot for the help you are much apreciated by me and many others on this forum .cheers mike

  [DELETED] 22:36 07 Nov 2003

Just one more thing after initializing the drive it now says its 127gb instead of 160gb is this right

  powerless 22:38 07 Nov 2003


Do you have Windows XP service pack 1 installed?

  Legolas 22:39 07 Nov 2003

I would disconnect your other drive first, then use a boot up disk and boot to an 'a' prompt at the 'a' prompt type FDISK select large disk support then from the options you are presented with choose '1' this will set up a primary partition make sure the partition is active.

Reboot your computer again to the 'a' prompt and type format c if c is the letter of your hdd.The drive will now begin to be formatted once finished it should be ready for using.

  [DELETED] 22:47 07 Nov 2003

no i dont have service pack 1 installed
i have partition magic installed would that help?

  powerless 22:52 07 Nov 2003

You need SP1 installed for XP to recognise HDD over 137GB.

So install XP SP1 and your drive will be recognised correctly.

Or there is a registry chnange that you can make click here for XP to recognise the size of the drive correctly.

The actual reported size of your drive will not be 160GB it will be around 155GB (rough guess).

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