'Missing' graphics card

  CDL 13:13 22 Nov 2005

Just removed my graphics card (Prolink NVidia g Force) so that I could 'test' another,suspect

card for a friend.(That card didnt't work confirming that it was dead).Replaced the orriginal

card and all appeared ok. Decided to update the drivers to latest (81.94) whilst I was messing

about.However when I tried to install the package I got an error message to say that no device

was installed ! (I had recently,sucessfully installed 81.85).
Next step,check Device Manager but no sign of my graphics card. Did Instal New ....,etc and a

manual search for the card but it's nowhere to be found. I've physically removed/replaced it a

couple of times but still Windows doesn't find it.All appears to be working fine although I do

not have the NVidia tweaks avaliable.
Where's it gone?

  BigMoFoT 14:16 22 Nov 2005

8x.xx drivers are for Geforce 6 cards and above. I.m guessing you have one of the Geforce FX range of cards - you can only use upto the last released driver in the 7x.xx range...

  BigMoFoT 14:19 22 Nov 2005

I've just given you some slightly incorrect info I think. Support for some cards has been removed in the 8x.xx range which are detailed on the following link;

click here

Geforce FX cards are suported in the 8x.xx range!


  gudgulf 14:24 22 Nov 2005

It sounds like you are still on the Windows default drivers.

First check for an obvious pratfall (I 've done this!!!)if your motherboard has onboard graphics make sure the monitor is not using those.

Once that's out of the way I would start from scratch by uninstalling the Nvidia drivers already on your pc and then remove the card.

Now reinstall both the card and drivers.

One other thing you could try is to manually install the card using the Add HardWare Wizard, or from Display Adapters in Device Manager choose to update the driver and manually point windows to the NVidia drivers .inf file.

  CDL 15:10 22 Nov 2005

Thanks both

gudgulf - how do I check to see if I'm still using the onboard drivers ?

The problem is that the grahics card is not shown in Device Manager. Nor,when I try and add it in Add New Hardware does it appear anywhere. I have tried the options to manually install but as it doesn't appear in the list so that is not possible either.I have now removed the Nvidia drivers completely but the situation remains the same - no sign of the card even after yet another removal and replace in the AGP slot

  citadel 17:39 22 Nov 2005

Can you not do a system restore to a time before you were "messing about".

  gudgulf 18:15 22 Nov 2005

Should System restore,as suggested by citadel not work.

If your Nvidia card is not detected then Windows will revert to VGA mode......if you look in Device Manager under display adapter and click on Driver,that should say who wrote it.Probably Microsoft.

I am a concerned that when you install the card windows does not detect the new hardware and ask for the driver disc.

It suggests there is a problem with your graphics card.Are you absolutely sure it is fully seated in the AGP slot?

In order to add it through the Add Hardware Wizard you need to scroll down to the bottom of the list where it will let you select "Add a new hardware device".On the next screen choose "Add hardware that I manually select from a list(advanced)" and on the next screen pick Display adapters.Now click on Have Disc (don't select anything from the list)and then click on Browse to point Windows to the driver.

Bear with me here....I have ATI drivers which do things differently.

Look for a Folder in C:\programs\NVidia (it may not be in the "programs" list.....it may just be in C:\NVidia)and click on it....you should see a list of driver folders.If you click on one of those (the latest) a box should open with a ".inf" file displayed.Click on that and press the "Open" button.You should now have the path to the driver you want in the "Copy Manufacturers files from" box.Now click on OK and Windows should attempt to install the driver.

  CDL 23:02 22 Nov 2005

Thanks citadel that was going to be the next option!

BUT ! thanks gudgulf after a combination of your instructions and numerous restarts the card has eventualy appeared in Device Manager and I have also been able to update it to the latest drivers.

Strangely,throughout, the display never changed suggesting perhaps that the card was always enabled yet hidden in Device Manager ? Odd !

Thanks again

  gudgulf 23:07 22 Nov 2005

Sometimes,like many other things in life Windows seems to need a good kick up the backside to get it to do what it should,lol.

Glad to hear you're sorted.

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