Missing Gbs on HHD is Acer Laptop?

  katrina.oconnor.568 12:08 04 Apr 2005

Last week I bought an Acer Aspire 1883WLMi laptop. It is meant to have an 80Gb HHD, however when looking at the 'my computer' it seems as though there are 2 HHD. There is the C: drive designated 'Acer' and there is a D: drive designated 'Acerdata' (also strangely enough the DVD RW is designated E: and is apparangely a removable hardware element)

Both these HDD come in at 35Gb... now it seems that I'm 10Gb short of my expected 80, unless I'm missing something.

Can anyone enlighten me?

  BRYNIT 12:11 04 Apr 2005

Could be a hidden partition that has recovery files on.

  TomJerry 12:15 04 Apr 2005

firstlt, marketing and computing talk different language (unit)

80gb is marketing equals to 74.5GB in computing (80/1.024/1.024/1.024=74.5). HDD is divided into two partitions C: and D: (not two HDDs), naturnally DVD RW can only take the next available letter which is E:

you may ask you still has about 4GB missing, this 4GB maybe in a hidden partition which is used for story image for Recovery purpose.

  katrina.oconnor.568 12:18 04 Apr 2005

Ah ha! Thanks :)

Can I choose which partition I'd like to save data onto, or should I let the C: fill up first?

I feel so dense :(

  bobbybowls 12:19 04 Apr 2005

Dont worry about it it is normal to "lose" some disk space when the drive is formated. There might also be a hidden partition with the restore data on it.

  Wuggy 17:00 04 Apr 2005

You can save data on either your C partition or your D partition, wherever you like. However if you have a problem and have to reinstall Windows or use your recovery disk to put your PC back to factory settings then everything on your C drive would disappear in the process. Anything saved on your D drive would still be available. So it's better to save your data, backups etc. on your D drive, although if the hard drive itself goes belly up you would lose everything unless you transfer your data regularly to DVD-R's or RW's.

  DieSse 17:27 04 Apr 2005

bobbybowls - you do not lose any disk space when a hard drive is formatted - the space quoted is the space you get.

However, Hard drive manufacturers use the ISO standard for 1K = 1000. Your computer somtimes uses a "binary" value 0f 1K = 1024.

If you look at the space in actual bytes, rather than Kb, Mb or Gb you will see it shows as "more" than the Kb etc value.

If you look at the drive properties in Explorer you will see what I mean - my partion C shows over 61million bytes, but only 57.2Gbytes. The 61 million is the figure the HD manufacturers use.

  wilf3102 18:25 04 Apr 2005

I have had two acer laptops, both with this extra 'Data' partition.

Its seems a bit backwards really, cos all the stuff on the D: Partition is included on the Recovery CD's.

I emailed Acer about this at first to confirm I could remove it.

On my first laptop, i used the partition as it was, but deleted the Acer crap and put my own documents etc onto it.

For my second laptop, i'd learned a bit more about partitions and decided to make my own.

I deleted the Acer data from the D: Partition, and used Partition Magic 8.0 to jiggle my partitions.

Now i have a C: Partition with Windows XP stuff on etc, and now a re-partitioned D: Partition, which i made 2/3rd's of my laptop drive (80GB/120GB) .

I happily fill this with music, data etc.

If the time comes when i fill either partition first, Partition Magic allows you to redistribute the space around very easily !!

Happy Days.

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