missing GB's after hard drive re-partition

  scoops 00:36 31 Dec 2004

My PC has a 80GB hard drive. When I received it it had two partitions C:15GB and D:65GB. I recently started to run out of space on the C: partition and used some freeware to resize the partitions with the aimof taking some GB's from D: and giving them to C:. However, after the software finsished running, my PC now thinks that I only have 20GB left on D:, but has not reallocated any extra to C:. I am now at a loss as what to do.

I was not supplied the XP disks with the machine.

  keith-236785 08:16 31 Dec 2004

right click on My Computer, choose Manage from the options, once loaded, click on Disk Management (bottom one on left), this will open a new window showing your hard drive and partitions etc, be carefull in here because you could erase a partiton and lose all data including windows.

this should show where the "free" space is, though there isnt much you can do with it from here.

Partition magic 8 will allow you to resize the partitions without loss of data.

could you tell us which third party utility you used, then someone else might be able to help you.

  Gongoozler 10:22 31 Dec 2004

Hi scoops. I tried to reallocate some of my D: partition to my C: using Acronis PartitionExpert from a magazine cover disk. It went through the process and duly removed 2G from D:, but the situation in C: is much more confusing. My Computer and Diskeeper Lite say they didn't get added to C:. Disk Management top window says they didn't and bottom windows says they did. Acronis is insistant they did. All I can say however is that defragmentation runs much more reliably now. The only help I've found is that rerunning Acronis from a boot floppy may rectify the situation. I've been back to the Acronis website but couldn't find any reference to PartitionExpert.

  scoops 11:29 31 Dec 2004

paperman 27, I used the same acronis software as gongoozler, and this seems to be a similar situation! Not a good advert for Acronis, prob why it was free on the cover disk. Partition Expert believes that the partition sizes are correct, however every other tool says different.
What do you mean by 'rerunning Acronis from a boot floppy'?

  Gongoozler 11:48 31 Dec 2004

Hi scoops. When you installed Acronis, you were prompted to create a "Bootable Rescue Media" set of boot floppies (or a boot cd, but mine didn't recognise the cd writer). You can create a new set via Start - All programs - Acronis - PartitionExpert - Bootable Rescue Media Builder. I tried to boot from my set of floppies but there was an error on the disk. I've not yet tried creating a new set.

  scoops 12:02 31 Dec 2004

i have two floppies with a back up image on them using Drive Image Special Edition. Last night I used them to revert to an Image that returned the system back to how it came from the 'factory'. This has made no difference to the partition sizes. I am now thinking that I may just reformat the entire drive and reinstall XP, however not too sure how to do this and have no XP disks from supplier, have been told I could poss get supplier to give me disks for c.30GBP

  Gongoozler 12:15 31 Dec 2004

Hi scoops. I particularly like this quote from PartitionExpert Help, under the heading "Before You Run Acronis PartitionExpert"

"Acronis PartitionExpert is thoroughly tested for working with numerous hard disks, so any potential problems are not caused by the software, but only from improper use."

The recommendation to use the Boot floppies is based on the idea that the loss of drive space is caused by a problem with PE operating in the Windows environment, so using the bootable floppies in a DOS environment circumvents the problem.

I don't understand your supplier not providing you with Windows XP disks. You should at least have a restore disk, although I'm not sure that this would work after resizing the partitions - hopefully someone can comment on that. If you can get a full Windows XP disk for £30, that would be a good idea anyway.

  scoops 08:55 01 Jan 2005

Paperman27. Many thanks, I thibk I may be getting somewhere. I have followed what you said, and indeed was able to see the C:,D: and unallocated sections of the disk, in here I would be able to format the unallocated area and create a third partition. I think I may purchase Partition Magic, as I wish to increase C: not just create a third partition.

  keith-236785 23:22 01 Jan 2005

glad you are getting somewhere, instead of spending money on partiton manager, try a google search for "Ranish partition manager". lots of other people in this forum seem to use and advise using this FREE (as far as i know) program.

I know i mentioned partition macic 8, thats because i actualy have and use that myself but i do understand that there are other programs that do the same thing.

good luck

  scoops 23:29 01 Jan 2005

Well after discovering that I could 'see' the unallocated space, i lurched back to partition expert where I asked it to increase C:, but did not tell it too take it from D:, and hey presto, within the blink of an eye C: has gobbled up the reaming unallocated space. Many thanks.

However, I now seem to be having problems installing software from CD. Norton Anti Virus in particular hangs then crashes the machine. The CD seems to be spinnging at an extra higher speed tha n before. ANy ideas why this may be??

  woodchip 23:35 01 Jan 2005

In Acronis In Dos you just drag sliders to take up the spare space

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