missing GBs

  Ozy 22:35 18 Jan 2010

right click Windows 7 computer, in properties it shows 26.3GB used.
i loaded everything onto 40GB External drive partition,using Acronis home 2010.
right click the Ex drive in properties it shows
15.3GB used.
where are the other 11GB.s

  MAJ 22:37 18 Jan 2010


  Technotiger 23:03 18 Jan 2010

MAJ is correct of course - the Acronis backup image is automatically compressed to save disk space.

  Ozy 23:15 18 Jan 2010

thank you

  User-312386 00:01 19 Jan 2010

You can compress it even more when you go through the backing up process to save even more space

  Technotiger 08:44 19 Jan 2010

If your external drive is kept purely as a home for your backups, I would not advise any further compression - let Acronis do its own thing! Increasing the compression can cause problems if Restoration is eventually needed.

  Batch 09:08 19 Jan 2010

The other thing is that Acronis TI does not include the page file or hibernation file in the image as they don't contain any useful information.

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