Missing Font on PC (Bank Gothic Md)

  johnpalmer 14:15 21 Aug 2006

I have one Dell laptop, and one Dell PC, and both have Word 2003 installed.

On my Laptop I use the Bank Gothic font from Word 2003 for my own logo.

This font is completely missing on the PC in Word 2003.

How can this be, and can I rectify it.

I did not download the font from anywhere, it was just there in the list of fonts on my laptop.

Looking at the font list in control panel on my PC confirms it is not installed, unless it is hidden somewhere.

Can anybody help please

  AndySD 14:24 21 Aug 2006

On the Laptop Start then Control Panel, Switch to clasic view and choose Fonts find the font and right click on it and choose Copy, paste it on the desktop and then save it onto floppy of cd or flash drive then move it to the other pc.
On the pc go Start then Control Panel, Switch to clasic view and choose Fonts go FILE and instal new font and point it to the font you moved across from the laptop.

  johnpalmer 10:31 22 Aug 2006

Dear Andy, thanks for the tip.

It didn't quite work the way you suggested, as right clicking the mouse on the font did not give a "copy" option.

However, I highlighted the font and selected edit on the menu bar, and hey presto I got the "copy" option, and I pasted the font to the desktop.

I then dragged & dropped the font into my CD writer (I don't have a floppy)and transferred successfully as you suggested.

Many thanks, it was driving me nuts !!!

How one computer had it and the other didn't, is still a mystery though.

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