Bonzy 14:22 15 Nov 2004

Hello friends, I have a problem with a font in MS Word. I have two pentiun pcs both running MS Office 2000. I created a document on the 1st one which is at home, saved it on a floppy disk and took it to the second one which is in my office for printing; the 1st one has no printer attached.
Part of the document was in Ariel and part in Balmoral LET. Suprisingly, the chunk in Balmoral LET got printed in the default font on the 2nd pc, not in Balmoral LET as was saved on floppy. I looked for the reason why and found that in fact, the Balmoral LET font is not on the second pc. What could have gone wrong? Or maybe there's a way of making available / installing choice fonts into word processing programs like MS Word? Please help. Thanx in advance.

  PA28 14:34 15 Nov 2004

You should find the font in your C:\Windows\Fonts folder. Simply copy the missing one across (or use a floppy or RAM stick to transfer it).

  Pesala 15:06 15 Nov 2004

You can embed fonts in Word documents to ensure that they can be printed on other PCs that don't have the fonts installed. I don't have Word, though, to check how you do that.

  pj123 15:16 15 Nov 2004

Alternatively, I have a CD with 950 free fonts on it which should cover everything you want. If you want a copy email me your address and I will post you one out, or you could go to Google and type in free fonts and get the same results.

  Diemmess 15:16 15 Nov 2004

Can't find a facility in Word 2000 to embed a font........... The simplest way to deal with this as a one-off problem as PA28 says, is to copy the Balmoral font to a floppy and install it on the other PC in its Windows\fonts folder.

  Pesala 15:47 15 Nov 2004

click here

Useful to know if sending documents to others. Some fonts, however, do not allow embedding.

  Bonzy 08:09 22 Nov 2004

Thanx friends. I got the missing font in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder on the 1st pc and transfered it to the 2nd pc using a floppy and it worked. Thanx to all of you "Good Samaritans". Have a good day.

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