Missing Font

  profi 22:05 28 Sep 2004

Following advice in the magazine, I cleaned up unnecessary programs, fonts, and other detritus. However, I now find I cannot open some letterhead templates as intended, because a font called Trajan Bold is missing. This is a PS Font, and I have tried to copy it over from my previous computer. Although it shows in the folder PSFonts, it appears in the Fonts folder with a shortcut arrow on it - and, what's worse, I can't select it at all in Word 'cos it's not listed! Any idea how to restore it?

  profi 13:11 29 Sep 2004

Getting weirder - if I double click on Trajan Bold in PS Fonts, or Fonts where I have now copied it, it shows me examples of the font. Whilst still open I can locate it in Word, OE, etc and use it. However it ain't 'sticky' since when I close those windows, the data in Word, OE etc reverts to something else!!

  Sethhaniel 13:52 29 Sep 2004

it can't just be copied - maybe right click and see options ;)

  SANTOS7 13:57 29 Sep 2004

click here this may help,good luck

  profi 16:08 29 Sep 2004


I tried right-clicking, but no install option.

  profi 16:09 29 Sep 2004

Snatos7 - the KB article number does not exist (or is not available). Would you mind re-checking the number? Thanx.

  SANTOS7 17:22 29 Sep 2004

click here sorry profi(me idiot) typed 234794 the link now works i hope it helps,good luck

  profi 17:39 29 Sep 2004

Thanks Santos7 - and my aps for misspelling!

Have managed to make Trajan 'stick' at the moment by deleting it from Fonts, and then using Control Panel, Fonts, File, Instal new font, and installing Trajan from PSFonts. Will now see if it remains after a reboot ... if not, I will follow the drastic steps in the KB article.

  profi 23:38 29 Sep 2004

Thanks both for your help.

  SANTOS7 23:39 29 Sep 2004

Glad to help

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