Missing files from Microsoft Word Processor

  Valli1 23:45 31 Jul 2009

CAN SOMEONE HELP PLEEEAASSSEE!!!Over the past four weeks I have been typing a Will (I used to be a Legal Exec) for a friend. Went to try and finish it and it was not there. Eventually found it and it says that it cannot be opened as it has been "moved or deleted". I would never have deleted it but cannot find it. I noticed that there are several of my files that won't open either, none related to the Will. Lately especially this past couple of weeks my PC has been playing up - really slow, almost at stop, odd clicks from the modem, and lots of things not working that normally work. In the end I downloaded (a few days ago) Mozilla Firefox as Internet Explorer was useless. My PC is 8 years old or so. Anyone any idea where these files could have gone and is there ANY chance of my recovering them. Have done the searches in M.Word but it has come up with nothing. It was then I noticed that some things dated April, May, June and July have the same message as the Will. I am stymied. My PC is still not right, which is why I wanted to get it finished and printed. I was going to come on and ask re PC but now this has cropped up have made that next question. Any ideas anyone??? Or have I got to do it all over again? Aaaarrrggghhh!!! Please No.!!I have to have it with my client by Monday and it runs into six pages!! Never had this problem before. I did delete all offline content in a bid to speed PC up but I always save the files on M.W.P. I have no idea what happened. I typed in a document on 30th July and that is there - last date on The Will is 12 July - my PC playing up meant I left it for a bit. Now I am in a panic. If it has gone, it has gone but have no idea what to do. Anyone have any ideas. I KNOW I did not delete it or the other ones that won't open - not that stupid. But I did not move it either. It is on the list in History on MWP but I keep getting message as per above. Any ideas. I am desperate. Thanks Valli

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:56 31 Jul 2009

1. check in the recycle bin

2. do a search for *.doc

3. check your disks for a backup

if still not found then use a program like recuva

click here

this may recover the deleted document from your hard drive.

When you have found the document and backed it up to a separate source then we can give you suggestions for speeding up your machine.

  Valli1 00:48 01 Aug 2009

Hi again. Tried Recuva - but it wanted £30.00 to do all the work - and I don't have £30.00 right now. Any other ideas or should I call it a day and just retype the whole flaming thing?? Re this PC. It is an Emachines 210. On 2.30GHz, 80Gb Hard Drive, 3DAGP, 56K Fax Modem (Fax) 256Mb DDR and 6 USB ports. Oh and it also says on front 10/100Mbps Ethernet. Not techie at all -that came off the label!!Always used MIE and some time back you guys helped out when it just died overnight. It was the PSU box as someone suggested and my son put a new one in and cleaned it up and it worked fine for months then just lately it was taking ten minutes to load a page and lots of little clicks coming from modem (the box?) and not a lot happening. Son in Afghanistan so cannot help this time. Tried another site (stupid I guess but I got on it and was afraid to try anywhere else) and someone suggested Firefox. So did that and cleaned disk, did defrag etc. It was then faster but it still is not right. It is about 6/7 yrs old I think. It is wireless Broadband and yes all that has been checked. Any ideas. Should I call it a day and get another? Or is this one salvagable.Son gave me a 4Gb (he said) little thingy to plug in USB and copy all my stuff onto. Should I do this and forget this one or should I try anything else. All help on this and the missing files welcomed. Thanks a lot. Valli

  Sea Urchin 13:09 01 Aug 2009

Recuva is a freeware program - it's free to use. Maybe you downloaded the PCTools program from the wrong link?

  Valli1 22:22 02 Aug 2009

Hi again. Well, I tried everything you all suggested and the files have simply disappeared so have worked flat out all over weekend to get the Will done and am almost finished. Darn computer. I did install Firefox and it runs really well now - so far so thank you to whoever suggested that and I did manage to download the free version of Recuva - thank you for that as well. BUT with all the odd things that have been happening over the past six months or so with this PC I have decided to get another one. Now comes the hard part. Anyone suggest a desktop PC, not too expensive for what I need it for. Typing documents, photographs, a Family History programme, email and the occasional jaunt around Amazon, Facebook etc etc. Also as I am on my second pretty expensive Epson Photo printer which still scans and prints from PC in draft only but will not photocopy or print in any other form,so a new one I need. It must scan, give reasonable photographs - not perfect - make cards etc - the usual stuff and photocopy. And obviously print. My boys are saying HP, a friend said Epson again but I have not a clue. Not too expensive but it must be practical.Also other half said he would treat me to a laptop as well. Still stunned by that!!!! Know nothing about laptops so any help there please. As I am on BT Broadband would it be a good idea to get BT engineer to come and set it all for me as I am NOT techie at all nor is the other half. I can change a fuse - my maximum.Now, there will one PC on XP - his. Mine I guess will have Vista - will that matter? Is a flat screen better. Small box "modem?" or large? All ideas welcome.He has a Dell. This is an Emachines from PC World. Thanks guys - at least this one is working better if nowt else has been achieved. Valli

  Woolwell 22:33 02 Aug 2009

Add an external hard drive to make back ups of your important documents so that you don't have such a pain again.

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