Missing Files....?

  kentylad 11:11 14 Mar 2004

I have a large amount of files which seem to be 'missing' to the naked eye. Alarming as it was, I luckily had the files on a seperate HDD (an older one) which had ran out of space; hence I bought a new HDD and transfered the files over.

I could see which files were not showing - ones starting with 'S' to 'Z'. So, I highlighted all the files on the old HDD which were missing on the new HDD, and dragged them over.

However, it soom became apparent that the files were still technically 'in' the folder, as it was popping up saying "would you like to replace this file with this" - both files having IDENTICAL details.

Now, I have been pondering over this for the past two hours, and 'think' it may have something to do with the "Archiving" option for files.

Not too clear on what its about, so if anyone has the solution please feel free to post!



  kentylad 11:53 14 Mar 2004

I have tried copying files from old HDD to another folder on the new HDD, and then transferring them from the new folder.

It seems to be transfering the files (after I have press 'yes tol all' for replacement) and the counter in the bottom left corner of the folder status bar increments when a new file is copied in........but then goes back down to original figure i.e. when no files had been copied in.

I must also point out that the old HDD was formatted in FAT32, and the new HDD in NTFS. Some of the advanced file options are different

  AndySD 11:53 14 Mar 2004

What O/S what folder are the files missing from. Go My Computer choose Tools choose Folder Options choose View tick Show Hidden Files and Folders.

  kentylad 12:09 14 Mar 2004

Windows XP, and the files are missing from an external USB2 HDD.

I have all settings for hidden/system files to be shown

  kentylad 16:54 14 Mar 2004

I have tried searching for files on the WHOLE system and still no results. I have also loaded 'ntbackup' (via start>run>ntbackup) but I cannot find any *.bkf files on any of the HDD's

The files are there (somewhere!) and if they weren't; it would let me transfer them from the other externall HDD to the new one.

Its just a matter of accessing them (or even just seeing them)

  AndySD 10:04 15 Mar 2004

Have you installed the USB 2 update from ms?

what is the make/model of the drive?

  kentylad 12:41 15 Mar 2004

right people, seem to have fixed the problem

I tried running chkdsk on the drive, but it wouldn't let me at first (via windows) as it required 'special priviledges'

however tried chkdsk e: /s /v (from MS website in dos) and seems to have worked

thanx for the help people

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