Missing filenames in Thumbnail view

  chub_tor 19:29 03 Feb 2005

I have been running Win XP SP2 for some time now and today I noticed that if I open My Documents from the desktop - or via Explorer under the desktop - all the file names are missing. I can see them in File View, Details etc but not in Thumbnail. Folders inside My Documents are not affected, filenames are present in Thumbnails of My Pictures etc. If I drill down In Explorer via Documents & Settings, user etc to look at My Documents all the filenames are there and they are there also in Shared Files/My Documents on my network. I have tried repairing the icaons with Tweakui to no effect. I have recently added ViaVoice 10 and MediaPlus from Serif and could uninstall them if absolutely necessary but thought I would ask if anyone has had this problem before and got a satisfactory solution.

  Technotiger 19:36 03 Feb 2005

Hi, not too clear what you are getting at but -
Open My Documents folder on desktop then Go to Views, on right of menus and select Tiles. Is this then what you want?

  chub_tor 18:37 04 Feb 2005

No this is not what I want, I want to see the filenames under the icons in My Documents when Thumbnails is selected under View. I can see the filenames under Tiles, Icons, List & Details but for some reason they are missing under Thumbnails view. As I said it's only if I open up My Documents from the Desktop. If I open My Documents from Explorer via Documents & Settings, the file names are underneath the thumbnails. If I open My Documents from the Desktop the filenames are missing from underneath.

  Technotiger 18:56 04 Feb 2005

Me again - do you use PicaView? If not I would suggest you download/instal it from

click here

I use it, it is excellent, only guessing but it just might give you back your details in thumbnail view.

In any case it is an excellent little programme.


  chub_tor 18:56 04 Feb 2005

I rolled back to a time before I installed ViaVoice and Mediaplus and that fixed the problem.

  Technotiger 19:01 04 Feb 2005

OK - great, thanks for letting me know.


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