Missing file in Win98 Startup

  Dirk Diggler 20:34 25 Dec 2003

Whenever I power up my laptop (running Win98) I get a message saying "Cannot find file "vnetbios.vxd" Can anyone give me clue as to what this file may be and how I can rectify this

  [DELETED] 20:40 25 Dec 2003

Don't know if this is any good or not but I found it on Google. "Regarding the vnetbios error, it caused by a corrupt dial up net working entry in the windows registry. To get around it bootinto safe mode by repeatdly hitting F8 on sartup and choose safe mode. Then go into control panel and double click on add remove programs. Then click on the windows setup tab and double click on communications and then uncheck dial up networking and close all windows and restart. It should solve the problem and remember to check up the dialup networking later. If this does not work you have to use regedit to manually delete all instances of vnetbios.vxd after making a backup of the registry.Then go ahed and do the first solution I gave u. Best OF Luck"

  Dirk Diggler 20:48 25 Dec 2003

Merry Xmas - Dirk

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