missing file on start up

  sgtdibble 19:42 31 May 2003

when my nephew starts his computer he gets a box
saying SYSTEM.INT FILES missing and it also says
CDA INT 2F.VXD can anyone tell me where to get
this missing file he has recently put pest patrol
on his computer could this have caused it?
i have used caps as he said thats how it was

  Valvegrid 20:02 31 May 2003

You don't say what Operating System he is using, you could always reload it.

  Ironman556 20:07 31 May 2003

It may be looking for the drivers for somthing, has there recently been any hardware installed/uninstalled?

  sgtdibble 20:08 31 May 2003

he's on win98 but didn't want lose programs as
once he closes the box things seem to work ok
can he just get rid of warning box?

  sgtdibble 20:10 31 May 2003

Ironman556 no only the program i mentioned

  Valvegrid 20:11 31 May 2003

You can load Win98 over the old one OK, it won't touch any of your programs.

  sgtdibble 20:16 31 May 2003

does he just put win98 disc in and it will run
or has he to type somthing in? sorry but as you
can see we are both novices

  Valvegrid 20:24 31 May 2003

Yes, if the autorun is active just put the disk in, otherwise click on start click Browse then search for the CD drive, open it and look for Win98 folder, open it, then double click on Setup.exe and follow the Wizard.


  Valvegrid 20:30 31 May 2003

The other way you can do it is again go to start and click on run and type in the little window: E:\WIN98\setup if you need change the letter E to the drive your CD rom is on, whichever of these you feel comfortable with will give the same result.


  sgtdibble 20:33 31 May 2003

thanks i am going to his place tomorrow and we
will do as you say this will save him a lot of
hassle as he thought he would have to re-format
the HD thanks again


  sgtdibble 20:41 31 May 2003

thanks to Ironman556 as well


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