Missing file.

  darkreign 15:22 10 Jul 2008


I'm using a latitude laptop with windows xp. I have all the neccesary protection (as advised on this forum). But recently my laptop has become tempramental.

Sometimes when i'm working it'll shut down and display the following message;

"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt.

It also tells me i can attempt to repair it using the original cd (which i don't have, cos laptop is very old and i have poor management skills).

Can anybody advise me of a solution for this issue without refering to an original cd?

I have tried to boot up in safe mode but it goes back to the option screen!

Heres hoping.

  johndrew 15:38 10 Jul 2008

Do you have an I386 file on your laptop? You can find out by using the `Search` facility (Start/Search) within Windows.

If you do then you should be able to repair it using the sfc /scannow command click here.

If not then this click here may help.

  Halmer 15:44 10 Jul 2008
  Halmer 15:46 10 Jul 2008

you need the XP disc for that.

  skidzy 15:52 10 Jul 2008

If your os is on a hidden partition running the system file checker should sort this issue.If not and you can borrow a xp disc click here

  ambra4 15:53 10 Jul 2008

You need to do a repair install of XP using a an actual XP CD see if you can borrow one from your friends as opposed to a recovery CD

click here

  Ditch999 15:56 10 Jul 2008

Use the Search facility to search for isapnp.sys and make sure Search in hidden files and folders is enabled.
If it is in the following folder
C:\Windows\Driver Cache\i386\driver.cab
right click on the file and select Extract and put it in to the following folder
It will tell you that there is already a file with that name and do you wish to overwrite. Select Yes. Close all and reboot.

  darkreign 16:33 10 Jul 2008

Unfortuanately i'm at work now so wont be able to try these solutions till i get home later tonight.

Sometimes, my laptop boots up and works for a few minutes. If it does this time then i'll try the scan 'Johndrew' suggested. Otherwise, i'll have to try making friends and then ask to borrow their discs.

I'll give you more feedback either tonight (if the missus stops her yapping and lets me work) or tomorrow.

Many thanks all.

  darkreign 14:04 11 Jul 2008

...searching for sfc /scannow (i wasn't aware of the space after sfc, but i do now) comes up with the dialog box asking me to insert cd!

Not having the cd i tried to search in my c drive for the i386 file...nope can't find it.

I have been able to do a sys restore before trying sfc /scannow again, and yet again i have the same issue.

In my dumbness i forgot to print this thread for reference so i could Ditch999's instructions...which i will try tonight (when i get home).


  skidzy 17:12 11 Jul 2008

There maybe a possible way around this if you do not have a xp disc.

You will have to find the isapnp.sys in your system32 folder and rename this (hopefully you can stay booted long enough).

Then from this link click here
(needs payment) you must install this to the system32 folder where you renamed the old version.
Rename the old one to;


No promises but it just may work.

You should also consider it may have become corrupt due to Malware disguising itself and corrupting the driver.

  darkreign 19:35 11 Jul 2008

Can't check out your link from this company comp, as they seem to be blocking it (nice aren't they), so i'll check it when i get home. Not too sure if my lappy's worth spending money on though as it's far too old.

Malware hunh! Aren't spyware doctor/terminator, Avast and such programes meant to protect me from these?


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