Missing end-of-line words on print outs.

  Whiston 15:45 03 May 2007

Greetings all - any advice appreciated.
I changed my windows '98 PC for XP recently and I am having some problems; this is one of them. Sometimes, when printing off pages from a website, three or four words are missing all down the right hand side. If the text is fairly central (perhaps with graphics at the sides) it's OK, but if the text goes right across or I want to use a "printer friendly" option I lose some of the text. My printer is an Epson Stylus 860 and, fairly predictably, Epson tell me I need to buy a new printer as the one I have is now incompatible with the change of PC. Is this correct - or is there some computer adjustment I could make to cope with this?
Just thought I'd ask before changing what is otherwise a perfectly good printer. Thanks, Whiston.

  VoG II 17:15 03 May 2007

Assuming that you are printing from Internet Explorer, File > Page Setup and change the left and right margins to 0. If that still doesn't work, select Landscape in the same dialog.

  pj123 18:30 03 May 2007

As VoG™ says. I always print web pages in Landscape anyway. But you could also try highlighting the bit you want to print and then choose "Selection" in the Page Range. Or another way I use occasionally is to copy and paste the parts I want to print into Word and then print from there.

  Whiston 19:50 03 May 2007

Thank you for the quick responses which are of great help.
VoG (I don't know how you get that little TM up there)Changing the left and right margins to 0 did the trick for my current print job (research job for my daughter 15 pages long) because although most of the graphics to the right of the page were missing which didn't matter, the whole was moved over enough to get all the printing in. Changing to Landscape is something I probably should have known about as you say you also always use it pj123. I didn't use it for these 15 pages because with the page "lengths" being shorter there were some split lines of text between pages although I experimented with changing the top and bottom margins. I will use this a lot more in future though and try out moving the text to Word before printing. With these options it's a relief to know I don't have to fork out just yet for a new printer. Thanks to you both.

  ICF 06:43 04 May 2007

I used to suffer from this problem until I upgraded to Internet explorer 7.
Have you upgraded yet?

  keef66 14:23 08 May 2007

I have a Canon printer and it came with Easy Web Print software, which makes sure you don't lose anything even when printing in portrait mode.

Failing that, I often copy & paste from a web page into Word, so I can delete the rubbish that consumes coloured ink, and manipulate the text I want to keep

  Whiston 23:18 08 May 2007

Apologies for my delay in responding ICF. I have been away. No, I haven't thought of upgrading to IE7. Will that change a lot of other things in my set-up? I'm still pretty much a novice and have only just got familiar with the upgrading to XP.
keef66 Thanks for the printer info. I'll store it for when I have to change mine. I'm hoping not to have to buy a new one just yet. I'm trying the copy and paste option where I don't need the whole text. All the help is so useful and really appreciated.

  p;3 00:46 09 May 2007

SHUCKS; someoone has shifted away from the beloved win 98::(((

however; my way OF printing it all IS to highlight the desired text then go TO the print set up and get it into landscape then ask it to print the selected stuff ; IT is an automatic habit of mine now with the wide stuff::))

  ICF 19:27 09 May 2007


Yes it does change things a little but life doesn't stay still. Go on give it a go you will soon get used to it.

  Whiston 22:03 09 May 2007

There's the confidence of youth talking I expect ICF; I didn't grow up with this as you probably have - (go on, now tell me you're 85). What differences are there exactly with Internet Explorer 7? And by the way p;3 my Windows 98 blew up on me or I'd still have it! Thanks for the landscape mode advice as offered by you and VoG, I'm using it now.

  p;3 22:08 09 May 2007

what DID you do to the beloved win 98 to blow it up? it is normally extremely well-behaved::))

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