Missing emails in Outlook Express

  Skinn 23:01 17 Feb 2013

I opened Outlook Express 6 (Windows XP SPII) today and all of the messages in the 'Inbox' were missing. (I'd had to forcibly shut down the PC yesterday by depressing the CPU button as the normal shut-down process wasn't responding)

I located the Store Folder and the Inbox.dbx file , then File>Import>Messages>OE6>location of file but it only restored some of the messages with significant numbers missing.

These are important messages and I need to retrieve them. Does anyone know how to do retrieve and restore the missing messages?

Thanks in advance.

  lotvic 00:02 18 Feb 2013

"CPU button" ? don't you mean the Power button?

That shouldn't really have affected OE store folder but it sounds as if the Inbox has corrupted or is only showing some of the emails.

Click on View, Current View, and put a dot next to 'Show all messages' hopefully some more have now appeared.

First to save the Emails you have got back (before anything else happens):

Make a new folder in 'My Documents', give it a suitable name, and open it.

Open OE Inbox and have your emails listed in the righthandside pane.

Rightclick on a spare part of the Taskbar and choose 'Tile Windows Vertically'

Back to the emails, click on a blank bit in the righthandside pane where your emails are and hold down Ctrl and press A (all your emails are selected) now drag and drop all of them into the New Folder you created. This creates a copy of the email as a .eml file (the original is still in OE) Now they are safe in your New Folder.

Note: to open an .eml file you just doubleclick it and it will open in OE.

Further note: not a good idea to keep all your emails in the Inbox, it can only hold so many before it corrupts (from memory I think OE's total capacity is 2GB and that's for everything not just the emails) Haven't you made some folders in Local Folders - so the list reads something like: Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Drafts, Fred, Ann, Sally, George, Peter.

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