Missing emails.

  ribo 16:48 11 Jul 2011

Can anyone help please. Twice when I have gone into Windows live Mail my folders are empty. This is only happening on my laptop. I am using windows 7 64 bit. and my server is BT. Thanks.

  Terry Brown 16:54 11 Jul 2011

Have you an anti-spam activated, where all suspect mails are automaticly deleted?.

As this only happens on your laptop, I assume you have another computer elsewhere. Check the settings and change to 'Leave messages on the server'. That should cure the problem. Terry

  Crosstrainer2 16:58 11 Jul 2011

Check the account settings on your main PC

You need to tick the box marked "Leave a copy on the server" or your mail will not be duplicated on your laptop.

Accounts (Highlight yours and right click)

Locate the option above and tick the box, do the same on your lappy, phone etc, and a copy will be sent to each device.

I have multiple devices, and use this option without problems.

  ribo 19:00 11 Jul 2011

Thank you both for your help. I have had the laptop for over 1 year and this has just started within the last 2 weeks and as I said, so far only twice. Nothing has been changed or altered. The settings are the same as on my desktop PC. It is all the folders that are empty, not just the in box. I have never had " leave copy of the server" ticked. I have not really needed the emails to be duplicated.

Windows 7 bit 64. Mindows Live Mail.Server BT internet. I am using Mailwasher on both machines.

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