Missing e - mails

  hargranules 12:53 13 Mar 2006

I am trying to solve a problem on a windows xp computer that has e - mails on bt internet and using outlook express.

Some e - mails are not received on outlook express, I have tried the following so far:

I have removed all the blocked addresses in outlook express.

I have added outlook express address book to norton anti - spam.

Checked to see if the missing e - mails are in norton anti - spam box and they are not.

I don't know what else to try, any ideas?????

  octal 12:59 13 Mar 2006

Have you checked on the web mail to see if the emails have actually arrived? Most ISP's you can go through to their site and check, also make sure the ISP is not blocking by checking the settings on in your email options on the site.

  hargranules 13:34 13 Mar 2006

Yes checked on the isp site and the e -mails are there, so is a problem with the pc settings

  hargranules 17:57 13 Mar 2006


  bengo 19:31 13 Mar 2006

Had a similar problem but i was using McAfee, when i disabled Spam Filtering still had the same problem, so removed all email addresses from Spam Filter and now works fine, did leave antivirus scanning of emails enabled.

good luck

  hargranules 10:33 14 Mar 2006

Already removed all addresses and still got problem. Any other ideas?

  Wak 12:09 14 Mar 2006

Is O.E. being blocked by your Firewall???

  hargranules 13:42 14 Mar 2006

It is not stopping all e - mails just some, could this be a firewall problem?

  ACOLYTE 13:46 14 Mar 2006

Are you using the BT spam blocker and other security tools these have a tendancy to block things you actually need.

  hargranules 14:33 14 Mar 2006

So if it is the firewall and spam blocker what can i do to resolve it. I have already added my address book and set the limits to default.

What else do i need to do?

  Wak 16:42 14 Mar 2006

If it's letting some e-mails through then I doubt it's the Firewall.
Do the blocked e-mails have any attachments to them when viewed on the web site??

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