Missing drives

  _clive_ 12:18 01 Sep 2005

I've just tried to upload some pics from the camera memory card by putting the card into the built-in card-reader as normal. I launched the camera software but it couldn't find the card...when I opened My Computer it seems the reader (drives G: and H: appear to be missing). The card reader power light is on but nothing else works.
Any suggestions please?

  Satmansq 12:31 01 Sep 2005

Is the card reader being recognised in My Computer, guess not if drives are missing, if not does device manager see it, if so you may be missing the drivers for the reader. Possibly plug not fully in.

  _clive_ 13:15 01 Sep 2005

thanks for your speedy reply Satmansq, I tried the 'sledgehammer' approach....switched off, disconnected the card-reader, booted up then off again, reconnected the reader and booted up once more.
happy to say the drives reinstalled ok and the pics downloaded just fine :)

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