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Missing DPLAY.dll file. How do I find it?

  Conny 18:03 27 Aug 2013

I have been given the game Doom as a present but when I came to play it a dialogue box appeared and told me my computer did not have the following file; DPLAY.dll I was told to look in my system 32 folder but it does not appear to be there. Can I download it from anywhere please? I have had a look at Microsoft but it looks so long winded their way.

  tullie 20:40 27 Aug 2013

Have you looked here?click here

  Conny 21:24 27 Aug 2013

Thanks Tullie. Can't even seem to get that to work. Will try again at weekend when I have more time. Once again, thank you.

  tullie 22:40 27 Aug 2013

Copy and paste the dll file into the game directory.

  tullie 16:25 29 Aug 2013

Would be nice to know if the problem, is solved!

  Conny 22:19 29 Aug 2013

Won't know till after the weekend mate.

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