Missing download bar counter

  heavymetalkid 20:40 03 Oct 2005

I have recently discovered that the small box on the bottom of my windows XP screen, containing the sequence of blue squares that show you one by one the amount of page that is loaded, has vanished.
Can anyone tell me how to retrieve it please.

  MAJ 20:42 03 Oct 2005

You mean the Status bar, heavymetalkid? In your browser go to View > Status Bar.

  heavymetalkid 20:47 03 Oct 2005

Maj you are a physic, and a genius. You replied before I'd even sat down! It's back now thanks to you. Thanks pal (or palette!)

  MAJ 20:51 03 Oct 2005

Happy to help, heavymetalkid. It's pal by the way. :-)

  GaT7 21:08 03 Oct 2005

You're not VoG, masquerading as MAJ every now & then, are you? ;0) G

  MAJ 21:30 03 Oct 2005

If I had half of VoG's brain capacity, I'd be more than happy, that guy's a genius.

  VoG II 21:35 03 Oct 2005

but I'm not a genius. I've just picked up a few tips along the way. One of which is the status bar not showing if you open a second window in Internet Explorer. The fix for this is:

1) With (only one) IE open, click View, select: Status Bar

2) Right-click on IE's Toolbar and select: "Lock the Toolbars"

3) Hold down the Ctrl key and click the close button (upper right)

4) Open WINDOWS Explorer, click View, select: Status Bar

5) Right-click on Explorer's Toolbar and select: "Lock the Toolbar"

6) Click Tools | Folder Options | View tab

7) Click the "Apply to all folders" button. (Click OK if this gives you another dialogue question)

8) Hold down the Ctrl key and click the close button (upper right)

9) Reopen IE to any page, right-click on a link and select: "Open in New Window" The Status Bar should remain visible.

[Just showing off :o) ]

  MAJ 21:40 03 Oct 2005

And modest to boot, Crossbow7, did I mention modest? ;-)

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